KroaKING Season 6 !!

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KroaKING season 5 winners!!
Sanam Puri (Mumbai) - KroaKING
Ashwin Thomas( Mumbai) - 1st Runner up
Roshan Thomas(Chennai) - 2nd Runner up
Season 5 Finalist
Anoo Bhuyan
Ashwin Thomas
Christable Menezel
Clynton Fernandes
Diana Priyadarshini
Mark Thomas
Neha Jacob
Niharika Parthasarthy
Nisha Idcula
Philip Zuzarte
Ramya Ns
Roshan Thomas
Sanam Puri
Sunshine kaira
Vyshnav balasubramaniam
Top 6 Wildcard Entries
Ashwin Thomas (Lee Wild Card winner)
Priya (Lee Wild Card winner)
Gethin Fernandes
Rohini Ravada
Semi Finals - 2
Sunshine Kaira
Nisha Idicula
Vyshnav Balasubramaniam
Semi Finals - 1
Goa Qualifiers
Philip Zuzarte
Hyderabad Qualifiers
Neha Jacob
Chennai Qualifiers
Mark Thomas
Aakash Jacob
Roshan Thomas (Chennai Live winner)
Pune Qualifiers
Clynton Fernandes
Mumbai Qualifiers
Sanam puri
Qualifying Round 7
Sabrina Price
Divya Bajaj
Meghna Das
Qualifying Round 6
Mrinalini Nayar
Qualifying Round 5
Qualifying Round 4
Anoo Bhushan
Sunshine Kiara
Ratin Dasgupta
Qualifying Round 3
Qualifying Round 2
Qualifying Round 1
Nivedita Rao
Christabel Menezes

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Sharmon Kracks the Kroak week 4.

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The contest ran for 5 weeks in Bangalore where 2 of the best singers of the night were picked every Wednesday (Opus, Palace Road) from 26th May '10 onwards AND every alternate Friday (Opus in the Creek, Brookefields) from 4th June '10. These qualifiers then battled it out in 2 special Semi Final rounds to ultimately reach the finals.

Also, for the second year, KroaKING went national. City rounds were conducted in Bombay, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad, apart from Bangalore. The top one or two singers from each city were flown into Bangalore for the finals.

The final’s song categories were songs by The Beatles in the first round and inspirational/gospel songs for the second round. The judging panel consisted of three giants from the music industry: Sridhar Subramaniam (head of SONY BMD, India), Ashutosh Phatak (Blue Frog, Mumbai) and front lady of the iconic Skinny Alley and Pink Noize, Jay Singh, who were, all in all a very impressed bunch that night.

For the first time, the KroaKING battle was completely dominated by our out-station participants. Bombay took the lead with winner Sanam Puri and 1st runner up, (wild card entry) Ashwin Thomas, also from Bombay. Roshan Thomas from Chennai took third place.

Congratulations to all our fabulous singers! Hopefully Season 6 will see more of Bangalore in three top 3 in. Stay tuned.