KroaKING Season 6 !!

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Final 04/07/2009
Winner: Mark Swaroop
1st Runner Up: Alexis d'Souza
2nd Runner Up: Kavita Thomas

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Shilpa sings At Last

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KroaKING Season 4

The contest ran for 7 weeks in Bangalore where 3 (or 4) of the best singers of the night are picked every Wednesday. These qualifiers battled it out in 2 special Semi Final rounds to ultimately reach the finals. This year, Opus KroaKING went national and conducted the contest for an evening in a few other cities, and flew down the top 1 or 2 from each of those cities to the finals. 

The finale of KroaKING Season 4 saw contestants from across six cities in the country, as well as an online wild card entry through the Sing-A-Ling Kroak Application.

The finale rounds were Rock-n-Roll; songs written and performed by the King of Pop MJ; and songs from The Great American Songbook. Two of the of the finest female vocalists in the country, Vivienne Pocha from Mumbai and Sonia Saigal joined Neale Murray and Bangalore’s Stanley Pinto and Sharmon Ibrahim in judging the contest. 

Mark Swaroop emerged triumphant after a really close singing battle with Alexis D’Souza, and Kavita Thomas from Chennai came third, and they took home a truckload of goodies!

Opus in the Creek (launched at the Finale) was packed to the hilt, with guests cheering for all the finalists - from the young to the grey haired!Congratulations go to all the singers, it does take a lot of courage to sing in front of such a large crowd, let alone compete against others!