KroaKING is an annual karaoke contest conducted by Opus. It places emphasis on musicality and stage performance in a bid to find some of the best voices of the country and provide them with a platform for their singular talent.
Over the past 5 years, KroaKING has grown and unearthed some fabulous talent among young singers, some of whom have since gone on to record songs for prominent names in the music industry. 
The Finalists of the contest also record a song for the annual KroaKING CD, produced for distribution by Opus at the studio.

In its 6th year, KroaKING is BIGGER and hunting for talent from 10 cities across the country!


1. The contest is open to all - age/ sex/ nationality/ IQ no bar.
2. The contest is open to contestants who have previously participated, as well.
3. Contestants, once intimated of their selection for the next round, must inform the organizers that they are willing and able to participate without prior commitments/travel plans, etc coming in the way. If they are not available on the said date, the slot will be offered to the next participants in line.

1. Qualifying rounds held at Opus for 10 weeks.
2. A maximum of 3 qualifiers will be picked each week.
3. These qualifiers will then compete against each other in the semi finals.
4. Dates for Semi Finals will be announced at the beginning of the competition.

1 Winner from each city will be brought to Bangalore to compete in the finals directly.

SEMI-FINALS (Bangalore participants only)
1. Qualifiers will be divided into 2 groups
2. The theme/genre for each semi final will be announced shortly after the last qualifying round.                      
3. An audience poll is done at the end of each semi final to pick the winners who will move on to compete in the finals.
4. 4 people from each semi final will be voted into the finals.                                                        
5. Results for each semi final will be announced on the next day!

FINALS (Bangalore)
1. Finalists from the outstation rounds as well as the Bangalore rounds compete against each other.
2. Participants cannot sing songs that they have previously performed at Kroaknights (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) or at any of the semi finals/qualifiers.
3. There will be 2 rounds in the final competition. The theme/genre for each round will be announced shortly after the Bangalore semi finals. All finalists will be informed at the same time so as to avoid giving anyone an unfair advantage.
4. Only the winners of Round 1 will move to Round 2. All finalists are strongly advised to have two songs ready.
5. Finalists will be judged by a panel of eminent Musicians and Entertainers.
6. List of judges will be communicated in advance. Their decision will be final.

1. During the second half of the Season, the KroaKING CD 6 will be recorded.
2. All finalists (Bangalore and other cities will record a song of their choice on this CD.
3. Recordings in Bangalore will take place at myopusradio studios and are free of charge.
4. Recordings in other cities will be facilitated at an equivalent studio and charges for this will be borne by Opus.
5. The song for the CD should be one that will best showcase your voice.
6. The roster for the recording sessions will be sent out to the finalists, after the semi finals.
7. All communication for rules, regulations, roster etc. will be via email and SMS.

Priyanka: +91 90083 03330 | Shonali: +91 98452 44610 |
Email:    |

Note: All communication for rules, regulations, roster etc. will be via email and SMS.

May the Kroak be with you!