myopusradio.com is India's First Internet Radio Station for International Music. From Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk to Disco, Rock, Club music and of course, the latest on the charts, there's something here for everyone! An Opus initiative, it reflects the promise of a creative, warm and charming space for music lovers and musicians alike. Opus is a brand of Trump It Entertainment, an events, marketing and creative firm that has been known for its fresh and exciting approach to brand building for over 9 years. Trump It and all its babies are the brainchild(ren) of Gina and Carlton Braganza. Good parents? Assuredly!
O.tel is a warm, welcoming place to stay, run by people who take making you comfortable very seriously. In fact, it’s your very own cozy nest. Well-located, well-equipped and complete with free Wi-Fi, free Internet Radio 24 hours room service , mini bar and two restaurants, it has everything you’d miss about home with no annoying neighbours either! More than a hotel, it is a concept that embodies fresh ideas, a creative perspective and a unique attitude to hospitality. A place that’s so fresh, you can’t leave feeling any less than.

Managed and conceptualized by Trump It Entertainment and Creative Services, spearheaded by the dynamic duo Gina and Carlton Braganza, O.tel is run by people who have true passion for hospitality and creativity. Their showcase brand is Opus with two branches in Bangalore
Opus, derived from it's mascot the overweight but very multifaceted octopus, in Latin, means a 'piece of work' of art or music . Started by Gina and Carlton Braganza, it is also all things Goan. Laid back, unpretentious and a vibe that is infectious, it has a warm hearty kitchen and a well stocked chiller.
aBANDonFRIDAY® has played host across genres, to some of the best musicians in the country and has featured some huge international superstars as well. KroaKnights® on Wednesdays and Sundays, has redefined the meaning of karaoke, with the insane energy the madness and yet the serious singing talent that has come out of there.
RC Booze and Clues® every Thursday, is rated by the BBC as the best pub quiz in the country and it combines hard core quizzing with awesome music and high energy fun.
Saturday Night Fever® has the best of dance music stuck in a time warp in the disco era. Some of the countrys best dance bands and DJs keep the magic of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s alive.