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my sing-a-ling (Instructions)

  • Hello and welcome to the KroaKorder. Before you proceed to record, please ensure that you have:

  • a) A pair of headphones to listen to the track while recording
  • b) A mic - Either a laptop mic or an external one
  • If both are in place, follow the steps outlined below and you are a Knight of the Kroak Order. ;-)

  • Step 1: Choose your song
  • Step 2: While the song is loading, check your laptop mic or make sure you have your external mic plugged in. Turn up your volume and you can even listen to the song as it loads.
  • Step 3: Once the song has loaded completely, the control buttons will appear.
  • Step 4: Hit play to just play the track and practice singing to the minus one.
  • Step 5: When you’re ready, hit record and sing away while the lyrics play!
  • Step 6: When you’re done, stop the track and press play to listen to yourself.
  • Step 7: If you’re not happy with your recording, click ‘Back’ and repeat the process. (Maybe practice a little more this time.)
  • Step 8: Once you’re satisfied with your performance, click the ‘Save and Send’ button, enter your details and wait while the song saves and is sent to the Opus KroaKING Season Ver 5.0 judging panel. This may take a few minutes. DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE.
  • Step 9: Check your email and your phone regularly cause the best recording from across the world, will gain a Wild Card Entry into the Finals Opus KroaKING Season Ver 5.0!
  • (Remember, the quality of recording is better if you use headphones to listen to the track instead of speakers since the music from the speakers is also picked by the mic and plays back in the final version)
  • *Conditions Apply