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Young boys, alcoholism and...
Oh yeah! KroaKING Season 6, week 1!

Alexis D'Souza

If I was a singer about to try out for KroaKING Season 6, I'd be afraid. Very afraid.

What started off like a night where we'd struggle to find even one good singer turned into a night where we might just have found a possible winner. Yes, that's right, y'all other singers better watch out for Aaron Alpero's soulful chops and Arif Johari's divalicious moves.

Let me take you through the evening the way I remember it. Bear in mind, as the night progressed, so did my wine consumption.
Singer 1, Tentso, sang White Flag by Dido. My kinda singer; specifically why she didn't qualify last night. I love slow, pretty songs and so does she, but sometimes a slow pretty song doesn't cut it. Trust me, I've tried.

Singer 2, Ali Hafiz, sang I'm Yours by Jazon Mraz. You can't fail to make an audience happy with this song. Everybody loved him and he sang it pretty well, unfortunately this is not the best song to show off with.

Singer 3, Aaron Alpero, sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered and OMG! This boy is GOOD! He KILLED the vocals and had the sweetest smile plastered to his face the whole time! It was right about then that everyone realised, 'Hey! This is actually competition, this might be good'. I hope Aaron comes back for the semi's and shows everyone what the hell I'm talking about. Also, he's really cute, can we keep him? Pretty please?

Singer 4, Raghu, rapped to Love the way you Lie, by Eminem and Rihanna. Apart from looking slightly offended at me singing Rihanna's part, Raghu kicked ass! Seriously Raghu, you were at my house, how did you not remember me? Okay, second glass of wine kicking in. ANYWAY. The reason why you didn't get in is because you didn't sing enough. I've heard Raghu sing before and he's good. Everyone knows you're an awesome rapper, come back next week and sing!

Singer Rocker no. 5, Nathan Menon, sang Highway to Hell, by ACDC. Oh, how do I get this across without sounding like a paedophile? Rockers are charming. You are charming. Nathan clearly did not have the range for this song but he didn't need to. He played around with the melody like it was foreplay. Is this completely wrong? I mean he's 17. Anyway, I think you're great, you should DEFINITELY come back and try again. I'm going to move on swiftly before I get reported.

Singer 6, Nihal Passahna, aka Junior Carlton Braganza (JCB), is the KroaKING's nephew and if anyone even momentarily believed that KroaKING judging is rigged, it's not, because Nihal didn't qualify. Nihal is currently sitting behind me as I write this. *Awkward* Nihal, I think you can sing, but you looked uncomfortable, like you were trying to have fun but were afraid you weren't doing it right. Fun is fun because there isn't a right or wrong. Take lessons from your uncle, he knows all about having 'fun' on stage. Ahem. My job just might be at risk now.

Singer 7, My darling, Arif Johari, sang a song I sang earlier that night,Valerie by Amy Winehouse, and made me look like an idiot. This was the star performance of the night. If ever there was a diva, that diva is a man and that man is Arif. But through your stellar performance, everyone was having such a good time watching you that they forgot to listen to you. Don't get me wrong, Arif can sing, but he can probably sing a lot better if he focuses more on the singing bit. Either way, Arif, you are a joy to watch.

Singer 8, Nishant Karvinkop, sang Human by The Killers. I think Nishant tried out for the fun of it because he knows it and I know it, he's not a singer. But that's cool, a lot of people aren't singers. The problem with Nishant was that he was too afraid to look like an idiot. Karaoke is one of the rare instances where one is supposed to look like an idiot. Nishant, let loose a little man, I hear the girls dig it.

So that's all folks, I hope I'm allowed to write another blog post after this one because I'm REALLY looking forward to next week. See you guys there!