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The Truth About Cats & Frogs
Sharmon Ibrahim
It’s me writing this week, Alexis’ taking a break, so…
It’s 9:42PM… let the games begin. Lots of non competitive people singing first, not gonna write about them, cos this writing thing gets a little tiring, I mean, they sing well, mostly, there’s the odd one that is funny and that’s when I feel like having an opinion. But am feeling all warm and fuzzy today, so don’t expect anything like my last post.

The contest starts now. Maria is up first. Am awaiting excellence here, let’s see… oh, and as I look up at the stage again I see some guy there, which is odd considering Maria is distinctly a girl’s name. So this is Vipul, am not sure what happened to Maria, but he’s singing a song called Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, I won’t hold that against him though, he doesn’t sound too bad actually.

Mrinalini’s up now, am disappointed to find that she’s not transforming Opus into a country barn somewhere in Tennessee, which she did last year in the Creek. She has a distinctly country twang to her voice, and if you close your eyes it’s not difficult to imagine that it’s Dolly Parton singing, but this time she’s singing a song I dislike by Amy Winehouse. It doesn’t work for me, she’s not bad, but it’s that ever so rare occasion when I would have preferred a country song.

Alex is singing now, and I use the word loosely, but in the spirit of being warm and fuzzy, I find myself unable to have an opinion.

Ah! It’s Maria up next, I’ve heard her once before and she was quite stunning. Oh no, once again, this is not Maria. I can’t even recognize the song this girl is singing. Oh, there are two Marias tonight.

Some guy is up now, I didn’t get his name, he’s… how do I put this… it brings visions of a very cold room with no windows and a bright light shining in your face as your fingernails are pulled out.

I wish Behram (the host) would say the contestants names, it helps us know what to write in the “Name” column of the score sheet.

Ok, this girl is singing that Fuck You! song with a PG rating and not the usual R we have come to know from Sheridan Brass. She’s not too bad so far, but she’s lacking the oomph that this song requires, actually most songs require oomph.

It occurs to me now that no one has been that good so far. Am waiting for that buried jewel to reveal itself, a ray of sun on a cloudy day… k enough of that.

And so… Maria is finally getting on stage, let’s see. Purrrrrrr (the sound a happy cat makes), she gives me fever, no, that’s the song she’s singing. She is indeed very, very nice, and quite a mover.

Benison is next on stage. He’s singing a Pink Floyd song, gotta give it up for him for that. Where were yoooou? He’s singing, what were you thinkiiiing I’m saying.

Samath singing Nothing Else Matters – this song is usually good for a laugh, but let’s see, we eagerly await during the 2 minute or so musical intro. Ohhh! And he finally begins. Time for a bathroom break.

Rahul is doing some sort or soul/RnB type song. The girls in the audience love him as he is doing some sort of pelvic thrust Govinda eshtyle, but he’s not a bad singer, he might get in tonight, not sure.

Ah, that’s it for the contestants of the night. Some past winners/qualifiers are singing now. Gonna get myself a beer.