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KroaKING 6, Week 6

Alexis D'Souza

This blog is long overdue but I still remember the night very clearly, not because we had some fantastic singers or anything. I remember it because we had only 4 participants. Lucky for us though, 3 of the 4 participants were actually good singers! I’ve not got too many nice things to say though so let’s do this quickly and painlessly.

1)      Soundarya – Fuck you!

This was Soundarya’s second attempt at KroaKING and I have to say she did her homework. She came back this week singing an extremely popular song. Everybody loves to swear in chorus and the best song to do that to is Cee Lo Green’s, Fuck You, after Where the Fuck is Alice, of course. Soundarya performed the song really well though I wish she altered the key a little bit because it was too low. She was straining to hit those low notes and it got lost in the backing track. It seems Soundarya has an issue finding a song for her range. I don’t know why though, she has a good range and most songs would work. I’d spend a little more time on this, Soundarya.  And lastly, I have to give a special mention to the screamy ‘WHYYYYYY’ bit of the song. She killed that part! Well done Soundarya and good luck for the semi’s.

2)      Hitha – Dancing Queen  

This is exactly what I wrote down as I watched this performance:

“Shouty Shouty SHOUTY! No constructive criticism here, it’s bad.”

Don’t take it too hard Hitha, most of this has to do with the fact that I HATE this song. 

3)      Jojo – Someone like You

The track is overpowering but it is still clear this girl can sing. I wish she picked a different song or that the sound mix was better. She would sound good on a rock song because she has a very rough, edgy voice. Honestly, I wasn’t convinced by this performance, but it’s a good thing she qualified so she can show us what she’s really capable of.

4)      Akash – Uptown Girl

Akash signed up frantically at the last minute and I’m glad he did. With two previously failed attempts, he finally managed to qualify tonight. He sang a super fun song that got everybody dancing and generally happy  but was the singing fantastic? Not really. Was it horrible? Definitely not. I really do like Akash’s voice, I’ve heard him sing twice before but I wasn’t such a huge fan of this song. Nevertheless, he did it well and I’m glad he qualified. See you in the semi’s Akash.

Once again, I’m sorry for the very delayed reaction to last Wednesday. Though I do recommend staying tuned because last year we saw some amazing talent from the other cities and this year will be no different I’m sure. The city rounds have begun. To you Bangalorean qualifiers, kick ass! I’m rooting for you guys.