Blog - KroaKING 6 - Week 3 in the Creek! - Alexis D'Souza
Week 3 in the Creek!
Alexis D'Souza

Last Friday night was the first qualifier round at Opus in the Creek. Those of you who are familiar with the karaoke crowd ratio at Opus to Opus in the Creek would understand why I wasn’t really expecting too much. I was expecting nothing actually. But I was wrong and I was so glad to be wrong, because we had a looong list of singers that night, none of whom were really bad. Let me tell you aaallll about it.

The opening contestant was a girl called Anuja, who sang KT Tunstall’s Suddenly I See. Anuja was a good singer and she smiled the whole time which was really pleasant. I love smiley singers. And contrary to popular belief, smiling while singing without looking as though you’re in a fair amount of pain can be pretty difficult, so good job Anuja.

Anish was on next singing Stayin Alive. How do I say this nicely? Okay here goes, just because you can hit the notes doesn’t mean you’re hitting them well. In fact, the notion of hitting is unpleasant by itself. You should caress the high notes. Yes, caress. So while I commend you for even being physically able to hit those notes, I insist that you learn how to caress them. Everybody loves a good ‘caress’.

The winner of the night, Mithra, was on next with Rolling in the Deep. I knew this would be good. Mithra tried out a couple of weeks ago with a song nobody knew and that was really the only thing that brought her down. This time, with a more familiar song and some great vocals, Mithra had no trouble sailing through to the top. Great job Mithra, see you in the semis!

The one and only Verghese stepped up next with a crowd favourite, Highway to Hell. What can I say? He’s a special one. There isn’t another voice like his, mostly because his voice isn’t really a voice. It’s more a crackle, a rumbling, a really cool kind of growl that emits a melody once in a while. I love Verghese but I guess KroaKING isn’t really the place for a voice like this. You can sing anywhere and get the crowd going, Verghese, don’t let a competition slow you down.

Kedi Kayden was on after Verghese with yet another 80’s track called Love Walked In that I bet only a handful of the audience actually knew. I think this is the problem, Kayden, I think we’ve really found it this time. I have a strange feeling it’s got to do with the fact that no-one ever knows the songs you sing! Yeah! Bingo! Okay, less sarcastically, sing some new songs Kayden, or at least more popular songs. People automatically listen better if they know the song!

Tryden was on next with Nothing Else Matters. Well if a 15 minute instrumental introduction doesn’t put you off, I don’t know what does. Come on people! This isn’t a music appreciation club, we’re here to hear you sing. If we wanted to listen to bad karaoke guitar solos, we wouldn’t come to KroaKING. All in favour of no instrumental breaks in Karaoke say Aye!

Opus in the Creek regular Spurti Rai walked on stage next singing Rihanna’s Unfaithful. Spurti has a great, deep, husky voice. She did a great job with this song but unfortunately didn’t qualify. I think Spurti needs to work on some more vocal dynamics. Also Unfaithful was probably not the most appropriate song for Spurti’s voice. I do recall her sounding pretty fantastic on Maroon 5. Why not try that next time?

Samantha came on next singing a song by one of my favourite bands, Fleetwood Mac (You can go your own way). As with almost every other singer than night, Samantha wasn’t bad but she wasn’t great either.

Ravi, our second qualifier for the night then sang Can’t Help Falling in Love. This song is a classic and I think Ravi did a really good job. He sang it sweetly, softly and overall, very nicely. Congratulations Ravi, but just a heads up, it’s going to get a lot more difficult from now on.

Sarah Mackay was on next with White Flag by Dido. Sarah has a pretty voice that probably just needs a little more training. She was in tune the whole time, but I guess being in tune isn’t enough in a competition.

Due to popular demand, Ravi was on again with Bed of Roses. It’s a very difficult song to sing. Probably too difficult. I think Ravi would sound much better on a song that is less challenging on his range. But even then, Ravi, you were way better than most singers that night.

So to summarize things, this wasn’t a great night but it wasn’t a bad one either. I wasn’t particularly inspired. Apart from the winners, no one was really fantastic and it wasn’t a neck to neck competition. I’m just super glad that we had this many singers at Opus in the Creek and I hope we always do.