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KroaKING Season 6 CD Review
Sharmon Ibrahim

So every year I have the privilege of mixing down the finalists’ recordings for the KroaKING CD (something I look forward to from the beginning of KroaKING every year). I don’t like to compare or criticize, as some of you may know, but I have to say (without any disrespect to the CDs of KroaKINGs past), this year is without a doubt, in my opinion, the best so far. And having spent a deal of alone time with each recording, stripping away layers, dressing them up again and generally being the one who has seen the best, worst and in some cases brattiest sides of each recording, I must say, they clean up pretty nicely! I am gonna now try and prepare you for what I believe to be a phenomenal KroaKING CD.

KroaKING Season 6 CD:

Aakash – Good Golly, Miss Molly
What a voice comes out of this guy, would never have imagined it but he has one of the most powerful and dead on balls voices on the CD, and on this CD that says bucket loads.
Aaron – Signed, Sealed, Delivered
The first qualifier of KroaKING 6 (as rightly pointed out by Carlton), I find it difficult to pinpoint what I dislike about this song. There is something that comes to mind though, I have come to always hear better than what I expect from this guy and this time he just delivered what I expected, simply put, it’s great but I expected more.

Aditya – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Quite astonishing the range this guy has, and another one of those dead on balls accurate voices. You think, naaa, he’s gonna go off now… ok he didn’t… but he will now… but he doesn’t! Then due to my inquiring nature for the truth, I try to find a flaw, and think, well, it’s a bit of overkill isn’t it? But singing a Led Zeppelin song, well, can never be overdone. Great vocals.

Christabel – Whatta Man
Whatta song! I can’t get over the vibrato this woman has, though I would have preferred a different song, maybe Piece of my Heart by Janis? But… i’d think there are very few singers that could get away with doing Whatta Man, and Christabel is definitely one of them. If you are listening to this song with children present watch out for the explicit lyrics :)

Gideon – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
One of those golden oldie songs people love to sing at karaoke bars, but when done like this you can’t really complain, the silk in his voice reminds me of a past Kroaker who likes to sing Norah Jones a lot. I imagine the aunty brigade is gonna be crowding the gates of Catholic Club this Saturday to get a glimpse of this particular singer – read as: book your tickets & tables now!

Grace – Make You Feel My Love
Few singers can sound so simple, calm and natural and yet so moving. Carole King is one of them and I think possibly Grace is another. I can’t say more than that.

Jasmine – Take A Bow
I’d like to say the song title says it all but that’s too tabloid. This year’s LEE Kroakstar Jazmine puts on quite a show with this song. Nice control and use of her voice and a lovely tone, really has me going. Very entertaining, go on and take a bow… I succumbed…

Joan – Tonight I Wanna Cry

Such a lovely deep tone this girl has, another of those very sincere sounding singers who though possibly does not have the range to match with some of the others makes up for it more than enough with her feel and general musical sensibility.

Maalavika – Son of a Preacher Man
Sweet and girlie bordering on bratty is how I’d describe these vocals, in a good way though. It’s one of those songs that is deceptively easy to sing and I have to say she’s done a great job!

Manasa – Come on Over
Quite an interesting rendition of this song from quite an interesting sounding singer. I’d say she’s one of the more Pop sounding singers on the CD.

Maria – Music of the Night
Well, for sure this song sticks out a mile from most the others but not like a sore thumb. Being also one of the most flamboyant songs on the CD, you expect a lot from it. It does not disappoint, in fact it goes places you don’t expect and leaves you with the feeling that… well it’s a good feeling :)

Meramar – One Moment in Time
Another one of those karaoke favourites that people love to sing. They get up off their chairs and walk up to the stage, and you’re thinking, someone stop her, this is gonna hurt. But, pleasantly, this singer seems to have the lung power, range and personality to sound quite outstanding and defy this song’s ear splitting reputation.

Nikita – Something’s Got a Hold On Me
Oh wow, what a voice this girl has (how many times I have thought that about someone this season)! Yes, I shall eat my words, cos I just gotta tell you right now that uh… I had some not overly complementary words when she got through to the finals, but, judging by this song I must say I am happy she did because she sounds quite spectacular on this huge song. Walk on Christina! Nikita, take a bow.

Soundarya – Unwanted

The only rocker chick song on this CD, and one of the younger voices, but youth doesn’t show on this song, apart from the fact that it’s an Avril Lavigne song that she’s singing. She sings with such purpose and aggression that you just gotta be scared of her and run for your life. Intense and great vocals on this one.

Sushant – I Will Survive
“Holy crap, this is a guy singing I will survive??” is what I thought, and no, it’s not the Cake version. It is indeed the Gloria Gaynor version done like never before. But you have to see this guy on stage, he’s a stunning performer (he will leave you stunned) and a good singer too.

Tania – Mercy
Yet another one of those karaoke favourites/songs-that-you’ve-heard-far-too-many-times, but yet again, I’m surprised as this girl glides through the song quite effortlessly.

Theodore – Heal the World
What a lovely version of this song! One of the smoother voices on this cd, this is one song that you’re gonna re-visit after hearing this version.

Varun – Desperado
When someone does a college classic like this you can’t help but wonder what it’s gonna sound like, cos everyone likes to sing these usually for the memories attached to them and not the songs themselves. But this guy apparently knew what he was doing. Nice macho 70s rock ballad vocals on this one, people in their 30s/40s, listen up for this.

So that’s the CD, my take on it anyway.

In a few days all the preparation over the last couple of months during this 11 city karaoke contest leads up to this one point, the finals.

Singers: In all honesty, I can say that anyone of you can win. Relax, sing well and do your thing is the best advice I can offer.

Ah (sigh)… good luck and all the best.