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Carlton Braganza
Aakash (rock / ballad) - one would least expect a voice like that to come out of the one fondly known as 'chotu'. Incredible power, fantastic range, great tone, great ear. he just stands and delivers. Would need to work more on his 'act' though.

Maalavika (soul / blues) - she's 17 with a voice that's 20 yrs older than her. One would have to say she's the 'complete package'. Has the looks, the voice and the feel. she can only get better. Get the feeling she's a little uncomfortable on stage though.

Manasa (pop / rock) - small powerhouse package and a bundle of energy on stage. but won't have the ammo to deal with some of the bigger voices in the finale.

Sushant (drama / ballads) - easily the most entertaining of this year's finalists. Phenomenal dancer and inhibition-less performer he's all about shock value and grabbing one by their eye balls :) and he can sing!

Christabel (rock / gospel / soul / dance) - easily my fav voice in this year's competition. She's got the weaponry to go all the way .. But can be a loose cannon. Gets mighty carried away and is not known to pick the best songs :) with a little concentration and discipline she can kick anyone's ass though.

Meramar (power ballads / diva songs) - goose bumpy singer. Incredible range, powerhouse vocals and an act to match .. She's the one to beat. Will need to watch her diction though.

Theodore (rock / pop / r&b / gospel) - what struck me first when hearing him sing is his comfort and feel. Quality tone, great feel, and doesn't seem rushed at all. And he has big brother Andy (winner season 3) coaching him.

Aditya (rock) - somehow the audio and the visual doesn't match here .. He looks like an IT geek and sings Led Zep and Skid Row. Fantastic range (can get a little pitchy when improvising), but very comfortable on stage. A kinda unidirectional singer though, so categories might prove a problem to find the right song :)

Tania (rock / pop) - has great tone though can get pitchy. She'll have to really raise her game to stand a chance with some of the more seasoned singers though.

Grace (r&b / soul / gospel) - no fuss and frills singer. Really tiny girl with cute dimples with a deceptively big voice. Is one of those singers who does not need to do too much to get noticed. Her voice does all the talking and the singing.

Varun (rock / pop) - had written him off before he started singing (he picked 'desperado') but first 2 notes and he had mine and everyone's attention. Great tone, great presence. He picks safe songs and delivers. Would like to see him stretch himself a bit though.

Aaron (r&b, soul, jazz, blues) - he was the opening bat at kroaking season (as in, the first to sing and qualify) and I have a feeling he's gonna carry his bat right through to the end. He's easily the most versatile and creative singer in this group. Doesn't have the big rock voice or the range as some of the others. But more than makes up with his musical sensibilities.

Joan (ballads / love songs) - Jojo's got a really pretty voice but holds herself back . Isn't really convinced that she's a singer. She needs to obliterate the crowd from her mind and let herself go a bit. Will come in time I guess.

Soundarya - (bluesy / new rock) she's in the final because of one song. Steamroller Blues. And that should tell her never to pick a Katy Perry or Ashlee Simpson pop song again :) Is young, and a musician and can only get better. May have to give KroaKING another shot in a year to cut throuh to the final 3 though.

Nikita (soul / r&b / country) - she's 15 and the youngest this season and has got a really unique tone that some would consider bordering on annoying .. But it's different, has character and I like it. Needs to get comfortable on stage, shuffles a lot and tends to get a lil pitchy at times.

Maria (classical / jazz) - has nice feel, super range and a great vibrato .. But her legs tend to wobble a bit :) Another one who needs to blank out the crowd in front of her from her mind.

Gideon (soul / r&b) - chocolate boy, smooth vocals and nice creative runs are what stand out when he sings. Will get consumed by the bigness of the competition I feel. Needs to sing more and get comfy on stage.

Jasmine (pop / r&b) - is another one of those complete package singers. Great looking, great sounding and great presence on stage. Will have a lot of the male vote!
Disclaimer:- These are observations that I have made over the last couple of months. I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. I’ve tried to be constructive (to the best of my abilities :):) If I have dissed someone, in all likelihood they would have to perform out of their skin to survive. If you are one that I have complimented, pls don’t get complacent or overconfident. It could prove quite disastrous.