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The Prophecy
Sharmon Ibrahim

The one with the power to vanquish the KroaKING approaches ... one of those who have thrice KroaKed and KroaKeth again as the ninth month reaches one third... and the KroaKING will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the other KroaKers know not ... and all must exit stage at the voice of the other, for none can KroaK while the others survive... the one with the power to vanquish the KroaKING will be crowned on the tenth day of the ninth month...

So that has hopefully set the mood for this post.

The qualifying rounds are over in Bangalore and one last city round remains to take place, in Manipal, but I couldn’t wait till Friday so I’ve decided to get this out now. Wednesday the 17th is the first Bangalore semi-final and I thought it apt to now write something here. So this is going to be about two things, firstly, I’m gonna explain the contest format post qualifier rounds and then… and then, I’m gonna give you my predictions for the semi finals, finals, second round finals, top three places and of course, the winner. This should be fun (for me at least)!

Ok, so the contest format:
The Bangalore qualifiers are done and the city round finals are done (almost), what happens now is all the Bangalore qualifiers are split into two groups of eleven each. Each group battles it out on two separate days, the first day being the 17th. From each of these groups of eleven two or three are chosen to go into the finals. There are no judges at the semi finals, the winner is chosen by an audience vote. So from the pool of twenty-two Bangalore qualifiers, four/six go on into the finals on the 10th of September.

Now, the city rounds are the equivalent of the semifinals, for each city. What this means is, all the winners of the city rounds go into the finals on the 10th Sept.. In addition to this, there is also one Lee Wild Card winner that goes  into the finals.

So, there are four/six Bangalore finalists, twelve city finalists and one Lee Wild Card finalist, so this makes a grand total of 17/19 contestants to battle it out in the finals.

The final is split into 2 rounds, from 17 the number closes to 8 that get into the second round and then of course from that 8 the KroaKING/KWEEN is chosen.

So that about rounds up the format, give or take a bit here and there. And now onto the fun part!

Now I’m gonna give my predictions here, laced with a little bit of public opinion & common sense. Of course this is from hearing these people sing in the past, but on the night in question – the semi-finals or finals – things can be very different – frame of mind, had a bad day and most of all, song choice are just some of the things that matter on that night – for better or for worse, and it’s that night that matters, not past glory, but here goes… prophecy time.

My top 6 pick of the Bangalore qualifiers that will get into the finals are….
In no particular order:

1.    Mike
2.    Dominic
3.    Hoda
4.    Maria
5.    Aaron
6.    Vyshnav

…and my top 8 pick of the finalists to get into the second round of the finals are…
Again in no particular order:

1.    Christabel - Pune
2.    Aaron – Bangalore
3.    Theodore – Aizawl
4.    Akash – Chennai
5.    Maalavika – Chennai
6.    Sushant – Mumbai
7.    Miramer – Goa
8.    Mike – Bangalore

…and finally the top 3…
In order of preference:

1.    Miramer – Goa
2.    Aaron – Bangalore
3.    Akash – Chennai

Wow, I thought doing this would be fun, but it’s wasn’t, it’s taken me ages of listening and re-listening & still not coming to any definitive conclusion. It’s difficult to leave out so many really good singers, honest. But anyway, I'm expecting to find this to be totally off the mark, so be it, and after all, it’s just a prediction, the real deal happens on “the night”, and has absolutely nothing to do with predictions or anything else before then.


And.... the results for the first semi final....

1st Place: Aaron - 131 votes

2nd Place: Jojo - 113 votes

3rd Place: Soundarya - 98 votes


The first semi-final:

So my initial prediction of Mike, Dominic and Aaron getting through to the finals was off by two thirds with only Aaron getting through along with Jojo and Soundarya. But, if you see my comments below which were made on only 4 performers last night as it was happening and which turned out to be my four votes also, it’s clear that I am happy with this result :)

My fourth, Dominic who I thought sang excellently in his first song, and valiantly in his second was just behind Mike in votes at 5th place. I thought Mike did really well and honestly thought he might nudge Soundarya off from my third place because he is undoubtedly a really good singer and seems to have more experience and presence on stage than Soundarya, and am sure many would agree with me on this. But I stick to my vote and say it again – it’s all about the night in question. See you at the finals :)


AUGUST 25th:
And.... the results for the second semi final....
1st Place: Nikita - 123 votes

2nd Place: Maria - 121 votes

3rd Place: Gideon - 109 votes

And so, things have gotten blurred, as i am informed by Aaron. I'd never have guessed Nikita would get through to the finals, let alone be in the top spot, that is quite shocking. Not that i thought she wasn't good, but to be plain and un-sugar coated, well, i thought she was average. In all fairness to her though, apart from Gideon and in some parts Maria, i though most were average last night. I put Gideon and Maria in the top 2 spots, and the other two were a bit of a toss up really. I could go on for a while about this, but am not going to cos it doesn't matter.
What does matter though, is that the actual list of finalists is out now, and there are some pretty good if not excellent singers in it, so i'm looking forward to one of the best finals so far in KroaKING. Have a look:

  1. Aakash
  2. Aaron
  3. Christabel
  4. Gideon
  5. Grace
  6. Jojo
  7. Miramar
  8. Maalvika
  9. Manasa
  10. Raissa
  11. Aditya
  12. Sushant
  13. Theadore
  14. Tanya
  15. Varun
  16. Soundarya
  17. Nikita
  18. Maria
  19. Lee Wild Card TBA

The red ones are my favourite singers in the contest (they are in alphabetical order). This is a personal choice and has nothing to do with who i think will win but has everything to do with having soul, a decent voice and stage presence which doesn’t amount to doing a couple of funky moves on stage but is more to do with enjoying the song and being oneself (or doing a damned good job at faking it). Maria was in this red list, but I was a little disappointed after last night, she has a great voice no doubt and fully deserves a place in the finals but, for me, it seemed put on. That’s harsh perhaps, and I hope I’m proved wrong.

As for my prediction for who will make it to the top 3 spots after the second round of the final: (in order)

Miramar, Aaron and the third is a toss-up between Gideon, Grace, Varun, Aakash, Maria and Christabel (C - you need to choose your song wisely, no Bon Jovi this year yes?).

But since this is a prediction I’ve got to pick a third, so I’m gonna go with Grace.













The finals can't come soon enough - 10th September, Catholic Club, Bangalore.