Blog - KroaKING 6, Week 3 by Alexis D'Souza

*WARNING: This week’s post is mean, bitchy and crabby. Read it only if you won’t take it personally.

by Alexis D'Souza

This week I took notes. Very cut-throat, brief, scribbled notes. I planned to scan that sheet of paper and put it up for all of you to see. But I looked at it this morning, and after  looking at the lines gradually getting wonkier, the handwriting getting more and more illegible and my comments generally getting snarkier and just plain mean towards the end, I have decided not to. Trust me; it’s for your own good.

But let me just start by saying how disappointed I was that we had ONLY ONE QUALIFIER last night, which explains why I got crabbier and crabbier and drunker with every bad singer that came on. Okay, not everyone was bad, but, you know, bad.

The first singer of the night, Krishna, sang Layla. He looked cool, calm… boring. I mean cool and calm is normally sexy, but Krishna didn’t take his eyes off the lyrics. He sounded good, I actually liked him. He just needed a little more flash.

Sandeep, next up, sang Unwell by Matchbox 20. He started off jumping octaves, which is never a good thing. After he found a comfortable octave he sounded good. Though I have to admit, I was in the bathroom at this point, listening very intently nonetheless. I take my job very seriously!

Then came Akash, singing Breakfast in Tiffany’s. I like this song so I was like, ‘yaaayy’. But soon I was like ‘meh’. Again, not a bad singer, just a really boring one.

The next singer was Nayantara, who decided to sing ‘Fuck You’ by Cee Lo Green. It’s a GREAT song, when Cee Lo Green sings it.

Meera, Meera, Meera. Thank you for reminding us what the hell we were all sitting there for. This girl was the only really fantastic singer through the whole night. She belted Lady Marmalade with such soul and attitude, letting everyone know exactly who the star of the night was. Good job Meera, can’t wait to hear you at the semi’s.

Adarsh, came on next with Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. I mean, just when I thought this song couldn’t possibly get any whinier, Adarsh sings it. I’ve gotta hand it to him, quality whining is hard to come by these days. Although I think this blog post comes pretty damn close.

Tina was on next, singing If I Ain’t Got You. Gorgeous song, pretty girl, nice voice, maybe the song was a little too big for her. I think she would sound very nice on a slightly simpler song.

Uh-oh, I feel some words of wisdom coming on, oh dear, here they are:
Remember, singing a complicated song doesn’t make you a good singer.

And on that random note, I bid you farewell, in the hope that next week is better.