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Sharmon Ibrahim

So, here we are waiting for the night to start. I thought, why not write this as it happens? Might be interesting. So here goes... Unfiltered and unadulterated ramblings and thoughts.

First up is Sheridan Brass, he's not taking part but let's see what he does. Ohh... Bed of Roses... am wondering if he has the lung power for this one, we shall find out. Quite nice so far and interesting in his husky country voice. Carlton takes over mid way, I think maybe I was right about the lung power? Carlton doing some amazing harmonies. Sheridan mumbling incoherently during the guitar solo - looks like he read my last post. Truly excellent harmonies Carlton! And Sherry - very impressive! An excellent opening to the night.

Next up is a previous KroaKING winner! (also not taking part) Megha Girish! Let's see...
Cry Baby - Janis Joplin? In true form, including her bouncy on-stage persona, which is roughly the same as her off-stage persona actually! The song goes into Peace of My Heart... fancy boots Megha. The guys sitting right in front of the stage are a little thunder struck by her. What a belter! I've always thought she was a great singer, but tonight was special I think.

And now the contest starts. Up first is
Mike. A slow song by Journey, looks like he didn't read my last post! But let's see... Not bad so far, surprisingly, because it's not an easy song to sing, he's got a nice tone too. What a good singer! It's sometimes nice to be proved wrong! Though last week's topper was in a different league.

Rajat is up next with Bon Jovi and It's My Life. Am not expecting much from this. And am not proved wrong this time. He did keep in time though, mostly.

Meera bounces on stage. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance - this is the shit! She's got a deep voice, has great rhythm, some bits here and there shine, but otherwise not impressive. She looks good on stage though. Gutsy, but I don't think she'll get through, I hope she comes back another week cos she does have lots going for her.

Kayden is up next. I'm surprised! He picks a Phil Collins song from the 80s! Sussudio! He starts off well.. gotta say this is a very well chosen song, it surprised the crap out of me. I wanna tell him "Kayden, move the mic away when you hit those loud notes" just say the word... ohhhhhhh...

Cathy comes on now and says "Hi everyone". How sweet. She's singing Queen's Don't Stop Me Now... I think she's havin' a good time cos that's what it looks like... She looks at Sherry while Brian May does his thing... But she's smiling and havin' a ball so who can grudge her that? Btw, Sherry A.K.A. Sheridan Brass is the host of the night.

Alexis is up next, luckily for the rest of the contestants she's
not taking part. She's taking her time picking her song... it's worth it though. Turn Me on... Am sitting next to Venk (her boyfriend), but I gotta say, in the words of Snoop Doggy Dogg - "OMG"

"Back to the contest now!" says Sherry. I didn't catch the new guy's name yet, but he's singing
Tequila Sunrise - ugh. Yeah, it reminds me of Autumn Muse at St. John's some 20 years ago... His name is Arabin I think... average... lower than average... who cares...

Ivana gets on stage now. Nice name, sounds like a perfume. Sherry plays the wrong song - hahahaha! Now it's Britney Spears did it again or something. She's Cathy's friend. Wow, she's holding the mic miles away from her mouth and is still heard more than enough. What a loud voice she must have!

Anisha Mercy Duffy. She has one of the best voices of the night, but it's still just 10:30 so... you need to have fun on stage Anisha, I think that's gonna count a lot this year.

Anyway up now is "sticking with the tempo but picking it up a little"
Anubhav. Heh, is ok, getting on stage and saying anything at all is cool enough, even if it doesn't make sense :) Well, it's Will Smith time Getting Jiggy With It. Not gonna be the KroaKING with this song, but it's fun, he does the jiggy dance too! We like.

Johnnyyyyyy" screams Carlton. Play that Funky Music, what a mover this guy is. Good soul, good singer. Hope he gets through.

Soundarya now, choosing her song... Katy Perry!! At least someone's done their homework! She has a great voice, nervous, but... she gives it all that she's got. She won't get through, but I hope she isn't disheartened, cos she does have a great voice and good stage presence. Btw, the crowd loves her.

Denise on now, Six Pence None the... Kiss Me... not the best song choice of the night, needs to pick a song that she'll enjoy more.

Madhuri doing whatever by Celine Dion - enough said

Mithra singing something I've never heard before. Nice in bits, but again, needs a better song. The crowd seems to like her though.

Marshal now (3Ms in a row). Lemon tree - Wow! what a voice!!! Kidding. Wrong key, wrong song, wrong, wrong, wrong... It gets a bit better, not a whole lot though.

Gideon - Temptations - My Girl - ambitious we think. He's good though. One of the night's toppers. Vinod and Alexis' dancing is a little distracting, but my ears are on the stage! Good soul, good singer, good presence, good dancing guys!

Abhishek - Born to be Wild - Ha! On thin ice here, did he just sing "Carlton's gonna make it happen"? As a song I have done a million times too many at Opus, I'm interested to see what he does with the overly long instrumental break. Not bad! (not great)

Now... Put your hands together for...
Ricchaaaa Paaaul!! Sounding good. She's gonna take the night I think. Shania Twain and Chris Daughtry had a baby, and they named her Riccha Paul. OK! I exaggerate a little. But... she nailed it.

Karan on stage now, did he say Hotel California? Oh no.. the last contestant of the night... there's always one. Am gonna just say... it wasn't pleasant

Alright, so I've been a bit of a "rotter" tonight (had to censor the first word I chose). But! At least it's honest, mostly.
Seeya next week!

P.S Mike did another song -
We Are the Champions - Took the night away from Riccha, put it in his wallet and sat on it. But, I have already scored (the score sheet) so...

Hang on, there's one more singer, it's Mayank "turn the other cheek and spank me hard baby" Tivary who now proceeds to take the night from Mike's pocket and puts it where the sun don't shine. For those uninitiated visit this link and skip to about 1:40

Venkat and Carlton finally close the night with
My Shadow and Me, typical B.Rat Pack stuff, as always, it's fun!

Night night!