KroaKING ‘Open Season’ 6

The platform is built. The stage is set. The ‘kroak’ is now a roar. It’s hunting season for Opus, Bangalore’s favourite Goan nightspot, where karaoke was first given new life in the city.

What are they hunting for? India’s next KroaKING or Queen, of course, so if you’re young or old, hot and talented, or just enjoy some good karaoke, Wednesday and Sunday night at Opus is the place to be.

The evolution of KroaKING

The trademark Opus Karaoke nights, titled Kroaknights, have become one of the many landmarks of the city. Year after year, some of the city’s best singers come to Opus to try out for the coveted title of KroaKING. For the past two years, KroaKING has been going national, picking up extraordinary talent from all over the country and in our 6th year, we’re going to more cities, we’ll have even more reach and the competition will be fiercer than ever.


‘The singers that have come out of this competition have gone on to give music a serious shot, have been picked up by people in the industry. We’ve had judges that have ranged from Sridhar Subramaniam (Head of Sony BMG), Sandeep Chowta, Anushka Manchanda… It’s a serious competition’, says Carlton Braganza of Opus, the mastermind behind KroaKING. He isn’t lying.

The Process

Participants, once they qualify, go through a process of being judged on their performances (quite ruthlessly), being eliminated, first by judges and then by audience polls, and if they make it to the finals, they record a track on an exclusive CD and then get styled, pampered and glammed-up for the big finale. This is literally, the real deal.

Our Success Stories

Some of the KroaKING alumni could testify to that. Ask Sanam Puri, winner of Season 5, who is now the front man of the SQS Supastars who signed with Times Music last year and has released two music videos since. Or Megha Girish, winner of Season 2, who has quit her job and is now a full-time singer and don’t forget Barry, aka Bharat Krishna way back from KroaKING Season 1, who  continued to amaze audiences with his unbelievable remixing, vocals and choreography till the day he left Bangalore.

What’s in it for the audience?

Though KroaKING is a very serious vocal competition, it has its moments of stark madness, and crazy antics. Apart from the many singers KroaKING has produced, we are also responsible for unleashing scores of divas, clowns and wannabe rockstars on the city. ‘All in all, KroaKING is fast paced, with fresh talent, glamour, competition; the IPL of music!’ says Sharmon Ibrahim, radio professional and resident KroaKING judge.


The first qualifying round is on June 15th at Opus, Palace Crossroad and will continue every Wednesday. We will also go to 9 other cities and pick a winner from each city who we’ll then fly down to compete in the finals. Those who can’t make it to Opus can also qualify directly for the finals using the KroaKING online wild card application, the Sing-a-ling, or our brand new phone application. For more details on this, please visit www.kroaknights.com

So if anyone's (and the contest is open to anyone, age/IQ level no bar) got a voice, or think they do, head straight to Opus or go online to  www.kroaknights.com

Write to us: opus@trumpit.com
Or call us: +91-9844030198