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18 Finalists Video Kroaking season 6

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In The End
Sharmon Ibrahim

“What a night!” I keep hearing people say and put on their Facebook status’. Yeah, I can’t agree more. We saw 18 amazingly talented and mostly nervous singers get on stage and do their best. I’m not gonna criticize singers here, so don’t get disappointed after reading this and don’t skim down looking for negative adjectives, but I felt I’d like to round off my “writing” contribution this season with one final post (until KroaKING 7), so here goes…

As a judge, it’s sometimes easy to pick off the good performances, but sometimes it’s not. I have to say at this finale it was a mix of both. There were singers who went up there that night who under-achieved and reached not even close to their potential, there were some that reached their potential but were just not good enough to stand up to the competition of other contestants and there were some that outdid themselves and over-achieved. I think if you (the contestants) think about it you can each figure out which group you belong to, try and be honest with yourselves, it’s only going to help you get better.

The saddest thing about any contest is that only one person can win, and as clichéd as it might sound, this is not a decision to be taken lightly by any judge, the one saving grace for me, is that I was only one of the judges and thankfully, the responsibility of which 17 did not make it to 1st place was not solely on any one person’s shoulders.

So now, moving onto the top 3 spots!

3rd place, Aaron – I loved his first song, the second one got off the ground but did not achieve supersonic.

2nd place, Aakash – This is the first and last time I will ever use this expression – He rocked it!

1st place, Grace – I didn’t think she would win, simply because she was not as glam as some of the other contestants. I am glad the other judges also saw and heard the wholesomeness in her voice.

And so passes another season of KroaKING. At the risk of sounding soppy I’ll say that it leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. I don’t really know what to occupy my mind with now, replica hublot maybe it’s time to get back to reality and reply to those emails that have been pending for far too long.

Cheers to the organizers, sponsors, vendors, venues, waiters, valets, cashiers, sound, lighting & video people, stage, set and enclosure people, printers, security, ushers, minders, drivers, programmers, coders, designers, graphic artists, audemars piguet replica animaters, video editers, makeup, wardrobe & hair stylists, the band, gofers, electricians, cleaners, ticket sellers, ticket embossers, likers, commenters and sharers, writers, the audiences at all the venues, the ones who have made KroaKING what it is and of course most importantly the people that had the guts to get up on stage and share a bit of themselves with the audience – the contestants.

To all of the above, congratulations, you are all stars.

See you at KroaKING 7! :)